May 20, 2024

Chris Martin Reveals Jaw-Dropping Story: The Dumbest Thing He and Jonny Buckland Ever Pulled Off!

Chris Martin Reveals Jaw-Dropping Story: The Dumbest Thing He and Jonny Buckland Ever Pulled Off!

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin recently made a shocking revelation during an interview – he disclosed the absolute dumbest thing he and guitarist Jonny Buckland ever did back when Coldplay was just starting out.

Speaking candidly to a journalist, Martin took a trip down memory lane and recalled an incident from Coldplay’s early pub gig days that still makes him cringe to this day. According to Martin, he and Buckland got so drunk one night after a gig that they decided to crowd surf, only to embarrassingly fall straight off the stage.

“We were playing at this tiny pub, it must have held like 100 people max. We were young and crazy back then, and had definitely pre-gamed pretty hard before the show,” laughed Martin. “Anyway, we get on stage, play the gig, it goes well, we’re pumped up on adrenaline and booze. The crowd’s cheering for an encore, and Buckland and I look at each other and get this idea like, ‘Hey, let’s crowd surf!'”

Even two decades later, Martin still can’t believe they went through with such a harebrained scheme. “In our defense, we were smashed drunk, and it seemed like a great idea at the time,” Martin explained with a cringe.

“So the crowd’s going nuts chanting ‘One more song!’ and Jonny and I climb onto the top of the drum kit and count to three. On three, we jumped off and just totally ate it off the front of the stage. I mean we face-planted hard, it was not graceful whatsoever,” recalled Martin. “We landed flat on our faces on this disgusting sticky pub floor, covered in spilled beer and lord knows what else. The crowd went silent for a few seconds, then started laughing hysterically.”

While Martin and Buckland miraculously avoided injury, the embarrassing incident left them bruised, sore, and covered in unknown substances from the pub floor. The gnarly fall quickly sobered them up as they sheepishly got to their feet.

“We were so embarrassed, we just grabbed our stuff and got out of there,” said Martin. “We showed up to our next gig with huge bruises and scrapes all over our faces and arms, it was not a good look. Our manager was like ‘Do I even want to know?’ and we were just like ‘Nope, let’s never speak of this again.'”

To this day, Martin still can’t believe he and Buckland actually attempted to crowd surf off a tiny pub stage. “It was hands down the dumbest thing we’ve ever done. What on earth were we thinking?” he said with a laugh.

The hilarious anecdote shows that even world famous rock stars like Chris Martin are not immune to making complete fools of themselves on occasion, especially when alcohol is involved. Music fans can relate to doing embarrassing things in their youth that make them cringe in hindsight.

Martin says he and Buckland learned their lesson and have steered clear of drunken crowd surfing antics since that fateful gig. “We were young and reckless back then. Now we like to play it a bit safer and keep the crowd surfing to the professionals,” joked Martin.

While Coldplay has gone on to massive worldwide success and acclaim, Martin will never forget the epic failure of his ill-fated stage dive. “It was the most un-rock star move ever. Just a total mess from start to finish,” he said. “Buckland still gives me crap for it too, he brings it up every chance he gets.”

In the two decades since the hilarious incident, Coldplay has managed to avoid any crowd surfing mishaps. “We just stick to playing the songs now, no more stunts for us,” affirmed Martin. “I think we learned our lesson the hard way on that night. My back still hurts if I think about it too hard.”

“So yeah, attempting to crowd surf drunk at a tiny gig and falling flat on our faces was definitely the stupidest thing Jonny and I ever did back in the day,” Martin confessed. “Did I think I’d still be talking about it 20 years later? Absolutely not. But looking back, it was pretty freaking funny.”

It just goes to show that even ultra-successful rock stars have their fair share of ridiculous and embarrassing moments early on. While Martin may still be shaking his head over his and Buckland’s failed crowd surfing stunt all these years later, the hilarious anecdote will live on as part of Coldplay’s origin story.

The moral of the story? Rock stars – they’re just like us. They do stupid stuff when they’re young, drunk, and caught up in the moment too. But as Martin learned, some things are better left to the professionals. Drunkenly crowd surfing a tiny packed pub is probably not the wisest idea,especially if you’re the lead singer of the band.

Martin’s amazing story shows that the road to rock stardom is not without its fair share of utterly humiliating moments. But those embarrassing gaffes and mistakes all serve as learning lessons, helping bands grow and mature into world class acts.

So while Martin may still cringe when he thinks back to that night, at least he can now laugh about it and wear those figurative battle scars with pride. The world-famous frontman survived quite possibly the most embarrassingly epic stage fail ever. And lived to tell the hilarious tale.

Overall, Chris Martin opening up about this hilarious and cringeworthy incident humanizes him and Coldplay. It’s a reminder that even the biggest rock stars out there make total fools of themselves sometimes. But they pick themselves up, shake it off, and keep following their musical passion.

The hilarious story shows that Coldplay started off just like any other small time band – young, reckless, and making mistakes. While Coldplay is now known for their legendary stadium tours and hit songs, they had very humble, clumsy beginnings.

Chris Martin baring his soul and telling this raw, self-deprecating story makes fans relate to and respect him more. He’s boldly sharing a vulnerable, unfiltered look into Coldplay’s imperfect journey to stardom.

So while the gnarly crowd surfing fail itself may make Martin cringe to this day, having the courage to share it publicly is truly commendable. The world needs more rock stars who are willing to be that open and honest about their journey. Kudos to Martin for keeping it real.

There’s no doubt this jaw-dropping story will go down in Coldplay history. It’s such an epic rock and roll fail that it’s legend will likely be passed down by fans for generations. Martin has cemented the tale’s place in Coldplay folklore.

The moral? Even the coolest rock stars totally wipe out on occasion. But the key is getting back up, keeping your passion alive, and never losing your sense of humor. Chris Martin and Coldplay are clearly experts in that department.

While Martin may still have the odd cringeworthy flashback to his and Buckland’s crowd surfing mishap, he can always just laugh it off. The legendary frontman has certainly earned that right. After all, when you’ve accomplished as much as Coldplay has, you’re allowed a few embarrassing stories from your past.

So thank you Chris Martin for boldly sharing this amazing tale with the world. Fans now have an even deeper understanding of Coldplay’s roots and respect for how far they’ve come. The story is further proof that persistence, passion, and humility will always win out in the end, no matter how many ugly falls you endure along the way.

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