May 20, 2024

Rock Royalty’s Marathon Hits: Queen’s 6 Longest Recorded Songs

Queen, the legendary rock band that needs no introduction, has left an indelible mark on the music world with their timeless hits and electrifying performances. Among their extensive discography, Queen wasn’t afraid to embark on extended sonic journeys, creating epic songs that showcase their musical ambition and storytelling prowess. In this article, we’ll delve into Queen’s six longest recorded songs, each offering a unique glimpse into their artistry and ability to captivate audiences with their creativity.

Chapter 1: “Bohemian Rhapsody” (6:15)

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is undoubtedly Queen’s magnum opus, a groundbreaking rock opera that defied convention and redefined what a song could be. Clocking in at 6 minutes and 15 seconds, this epic track weaves a multi-part narrative, from the haunting a cappella intro to the thunderous rock sections and the operatic finale. Freddie Mercury’s haunting vocals, Brian May’s iconic guitar solo, and the band’s harmonious blend of rock and opera elements make this song a true masterpiece.

Chapter 2: “Innuendo” (6:32)

As the closing track of Queen’s final studio album, also titled “Innuendo,” this song serves as a poignant farewell from the band. Lasting 6 minutes and 32 seconds, “Innuendo” is a multi-layered ballad that showcases Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals and Brian May’s soaring guitar work. The song’s complex arrangement and emotional depth demonstrate Queen’s musical artistry, making it a moving and fitting conclusion to their discography.

Chapter 3: “Seven Seas of Rhye” (6:10)

“Seven Seas of Rhye” is a track from Queen’s debut album, and it provides a glimpse into the band’s early creative energy. Lasting 6 minutes and 10 seconds, this atmospheric song combines Freddie Mercury’s dynamic vocal range with intricate arrangements that blend rock energy with Eastern-influenced melodies. It’s a testament to Queen’s ability to craft unique and captivating compositions even in their early years.

Chapter 4: “The Prophet’s Song” (8:55)

From their iconic “A Night at the Opera” album, “The Prophet’s Song” is an epic journey that stretches over 8 minutes and 55 seconds. This track takes listeners through diverse musical landscapes, from haunting piano chords to thunderous rock sections and operatic vocals. Queen’s ability to create a musical odyssey is on full display here, as they experiment with structure and genre to deliver a captivating sonic experience.

Chapter 5: “Losin’ the Feeling” (5:19)

“Losin’ the Feeling” is a powerful rock ballad from Queen’s “Queen II” album. Lasting 5 minutes and 19 seconds, this track showcases Freddie Mercury’s soaring vocals and Brian May’s signature guitar work. It builds to a cathartic release that captures Queen’s raw energy and emotional depth. While not as lengthy as some of their other epics, “Losin’ the Feeling” is a testament to Queen’s ability to convey intense emotions through their music.

Chapter 6: “Get Down Make Love” (4:29)

“Get Down Make Love” is a funky and disco-infused track from Queen’s self-titled debut album. While it may be the shortest among the songs discussed here, lasting 4 minutes and 29 seconds, it’s a prime example of Queen’s early musical experimentation. The song features intricate rhythm sections, catchy hooks, and Queen’s signature blend of rock and other genres, demonstrating their willingness to push boundaries and create unique sonic experiences.


Queen’s willingness to explore extended song formats showcases their musical depth and storytelling abilities. Each of these tracks, whether a timeless masterpiece like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or a lesser-known gem like “Losin’ the Feeling,” takes listeners on a unique journey through Queen’s diverse influences, technical prowess, and Freddie Mercury’s unparalleled vocal range. These epic songs are a testament to the band’s enduring legacy and their ability to create music that continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Queen’s musical universe, these marathon hits are a must-listen, offering a captivating glimpse into the band’s creative genius.

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