April 18, 2024

From ‘Jagged Little Pill’ to ‘Manic’: Unpacking Alanis Morissette’s Impact on Halsey’s Evolution!

Alanis Morissette’s groundbreaking album “Jagged Little Pill” was released in 1995, long before Halsey (born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) began her music career. However, the impact of Morissette’s music and persona on Halsey’s evolution as an artist is evident in several aspects of her music and public persona.

1. Confessional Songwriting

Both Morissette and Halsey are known for their raw and confessional songwriting styles. Morissette’s lyrics in songs like “You Oughta Know” and “Hand in My Pocket” are brutally honest and introspective, reflecting her personal experiences and emotions. Similarly, Halsey’s lyrics in songs like “Without Me” and “Bad at Love” delve deep into her personal struggles with love, identity, and mental health.

2. Empowerment and Authenticity

Morissette’s music is celebrated for its empowering and unapologetic nature, encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves. Halsey’s music similarly empowers her fans to be authentic and embrace their imperfections. Both artists use their music as a platform to address societal expectations and challenge norms.

3. Genre-Bending Music

Morissette’s music blends elements of rock, pop, and alternative, creating a unique sound that defies traditional genre boundaries. Halsey has also experimented with various genres, blending pop, alternative, and electronic influences in her music. This willingness to push musical boundaries and explore different sounds is a common trait between the two artists.

4. Impact on Female Empowerment in Music

Morissette’s success in the male-dominated music industry of the 90s paved the way for female artists like Halsey to break barriers and express themselves freely. Halsey has often spoken about the influence of female artists who have come before her, and Morissette’s trailblazing career is undoubtedly a part of that inspiration.

While there is no direct confirmation of Morissette’s influence on Halsey’s music, the thematic and stylistic parallels between their music suggest a potential connection. Both artists share a commitment to authenticity, empowerment, and genre-bending creativity, making them influential figures in the music industry.

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