April 18, 2024

πŸ”Š Attention, world! Halsey just unveiled her top pick among the singers she’s worked with! 🌟 Get ready for a jaw-dropping revelation!

Halsey, known for their unique blend of pop with alternative, rock, and hip-hop elements, has never shied away from exploring diverse musical landscapes through collaboration. Their work with other artists not only showcases their versatility but also highlights a mutual respect and admiration among peers. This article will explore five notable singers Halsey has expressed love for working with, examining the impact of these collaborations on their music and the connections forged with these artists.

1. BTS

One of the most celebrated collaborations in Halsey’s career is with the global K-pop sensation BTS. Their joint track, “Boy With Luv,” marked a significant moment in Halsey’s career, blending her unique vocal style with BTS’s dynamic sound. The collaboration was not just a commercial success but also a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the power of cross-genre and cross-cultural partnerships in the music industry. Halsey’s appreciation for BTS goes beyond the music; she has spoken about the genuine friendships formed with the members and the mutual respect for each other’s artistry. This collaboration stands as a testament to Halsey’s willingness to bridge musical worlds and create something universally appealing.

2. G-Eazy

The collaboration with rapper G-Eazy on “Him & I” is another highlight of Halsey’s discography. The track, which explores the tumultuous nature of their then-relationship, captures the raw intensity and authenticity that Halsey brings to their music. The chemistry between Halsey and G-Eazy, both musically and personally, resonated with listeners, making the song a standout hit. Despite the eventual end of their romantic relationship, the collaboration remains a significant part of Halsey’s career, illustrating their ability to channel personal experiences into their art.

3. Khalid

Halsey’s work with Khalid on “Eastside,” along with producer Benny Blanco, showcases a mellower side of her music. Khalid’s smooth vocals complement Halsey’s in a narrative about youth, love, and longing, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound. Both artists, known for their emotional depth and lyrical honesty, brought a sense of authenticity to the track that fans deeply appreciated. The collaboration highlighted Halsey’s adaptability as an artist and her skill in crafting compelling stories through music.

4. Marshmello

Collaborating with electronic music producer Marshmello on “Be Kind” allowed Halsey to explore the dance-pop genre, adding another layer to her musical versatility. The track combines Marshmello’s upbeat production with Halsey’s emotive vocals, delivering a message of compassion and understanding. This collaboration is a showcase of Halsey’s ability to adapt to different musical styles while maintaining their signature lyrical sincerity. It also highlights the importance of collaboration in bringing different artistic perspectives together to create something uplifting and relatable.

5. Lauren Jauregui

The collaboration between Halsey and Lauren Jauregui on “Strangers” is a powerful exploration of love and longing from a queer perspective. Both artists, who identify as bisexual, brought a personal and authentic touch to the song, making it a significant moment for LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream music. The track’s success is a testament to the chemistry between Halsey and Jauregui and their shared commitment to authenticity and representation in their music. It’s a prime example of how Halsey’s collaborations often transcend mere musical partnerships, reflecting deeper connections based on shared experiences and values.


Halsey’s collaborative endeavors highlight their openness to exploring different musical landscapes and their ability to connect with artists across genres. Each collaboration, whether it’s with global icons like BTS or fellow trailblazers like Lauren Jauregui, reflects a mutual respect and a shared vision for creating music that resonates on a personal and universal level. Through these partnerships, Halsey not only expands their artistic range but also builds bridges between musical genres, cultures, and communities. These collaborations are not just footnotes in Halsey’s career; they are integral chapters that showcase the power of collective creativity and the enduring impact of music that comes from genuine connection and collaboration.

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