May 18, 2024

From Deadpool to rom-coms, Ryan Reynolds’ most memorable intimate scenes have sparked a frenzy among fans!

While Ryan Reynolds is known for his comedic timing and action hero roles, he has also done his fair share of intimate scenes over the years.

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These scenes, whether romantic or sexual in nature, often require a level of vulnerability and intimacy between actors that can push them outside their comfort zones. For Reynolds, three scenes in particular stand out as being among his most memorable and discussed intimate performances – his scene with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, his emotionally raw single-location performance in Buried, and his R-rated couplings with Morena Baccarin in Deadpool.

The Proposal (2009) was a romantic comedy starring Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. In the film, Reynolds played Andrew Paxton, the young executive of a New York publishing house who is threatened with deportation back to Canada after overstaying his visa. To avoid this, his boss Margaret (Bullock) forces him into an agreement – he pretends to be her fiancé to gain a green card, while she avoids jail time for hiring undocumented workers. One of the most memorable scenes comes when the two characters, having just met, are forced to share a bed for the first time on a work trip.

Seeking to maintain a facade of propriety for their co-workers, Margaret insists they place a line of pillows down the middle of the bed to separate them. However, the tension and underlying attraction between the two is palpable. In the scene, they lay stiffly on their sides, exchanging awkward small talk as the pillow barrier sits between them. Reynolds and Bullock play the discomfort of the situation perfectly, with furtive glances and stilted conversation showing the unspoken desire beneath their polite facades.

The scene is a comedic highlight of the film, tapping into the relatable experience of being physically close to someone you’re attracted to but not allowed to act on it. Reynolds and Bullock’s natural chemistry and ability to find humor in the awkwardness made the moment land perfectly with audiences. While not overtly intimate, the scene required a level of vulnerability between the two stars to sell the underlying intimacy of two people fighting growing attraction.

In contrast to The Proposal’s lighthearted romantic scene, Ryan Reynolds took on a far more emotionally raw role in 2010’s Buried. The entire film takes place inside a coffin with Reynolds’ character Paul Conroy as the sole protagonist. After being kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq, Paul awakens to find himself buried alive with only a lighter, a cell phone, and his wits to try and escape. What follows is a claustrophobic, 90-minute descent into panic and desperation as Paul engages in phone calls to try and locate help above ground.

Though there is no physical intimacy in Buried, the film pushed Reynolds to new emotional depths. Filmed in chronological order with no cuts, it was a demanding solo performance requiring intense vulnerability. Trapped in a tight coffin with only his face and hands visible, much of the film’s tension comes from Paul’s escalating psychological turmoil as he races death. Reynolds had to lay himself bare emotionally to sell the all-consuming terror of Paul’s situation. The film’s one-location premise heightened its intimate nature, putting the audience inside Paul’s confined coffin to experience every panic attack and moment of dread right along with him.

Reynolds gave a tour-de-force performance, receiving widespread critical acclaim for his ability to carry such a challenging film alone. While not overtly intimate, the film pushed Reynolds to strip down his defenses and tap into raw places emotionally that most actors don’t get to explore. Buried showed Reynolds’ willingness to be deeply vulnerable on screen, a quality that has served him well in intimate roles.

One of Reynolds’ most famous intimate performances comes from 2016’s Deadpool. In the breakout Marvel film, Reynolds played Wade Wilson, a mercenary who undergoes an experimental treatment to cure his cancer but instead gains accelerated healing powers and a scarred physical appearance. Taking the name Deadpool, Wade embraces his powers and seeks revenge on those who wronged him, all while breaking the fourth wall and cracking raunchy jokes.

woven throughout Deadpool is Wade’s relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, played by Morena Baccarin. Their romance features several intimate scenes, from passionate embraces to fully nude couplings shown with Reynolds and Baccarin’s bodies digitally obscured. What made these scenes stand out is Deadpool’s signature meta humor – Wade constantly cracks jokes to the camera about his and Vanessa’s nudity or the logistics of filming sex scenes.

This helped normalize and add levity to the intimacy. Reynolds and Baccarin also had undeniable chemistry that came through in their scenes together. While the graphic digital obscuring kept things from being too explicit, Reynolds and Baccarin sold the emotional intimacy and desire between their characters. Deadpool marked one of Reynolds’ most unabashedly sexual roles to date, a testament to his willingness to push boundaries for the right project.

However, Reynolds has also been candid about the realities of filming intimate scenes versus how they may appear on screen. In interviews, he’s noted they require a high degree of trust between actors but are often far less sexy in the moment than audiences might perceive. He’s said things like “those scenes are horrifying. There’s nothing sexy about them.” Reynolds acknowledges the awkwardness of having dozens of crew members watching and filming your intimate moments. There is a necessity to separate the performance from true vulnerability or sexuality for the sake of one’s mental health.

So while Reynolds’ intimate scenes may titillate audiences, he’s helped normalize the realities and challenges of filming them. It takes a certain level of fearlessness and ability to detach one’s ego that Reynolds has shown repeatedly in his career. Whether in comedies like The Proposal or horrors like Buried, Reynolds commits fully to each role and taps into raw emotional places when a scene calls for it. Paired with his talent for comedic timing, this quality has allowed Reynolds to excel in diverse intimate performances over the years. While not always glamorous to film, his willingness to go there has cemented him as one of Hollywood’s most versatile leading men.


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