May 18, 2024

Discover the musical side of Ryan Reynolds! The rock band he’s been quietly jamming to all these years finally revealed!

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has proven himself to be a versatile talent, taking on roles in both comedic and dramatic films. When he’s not on movie sets, Reynolds enjoys spending time with his family and rocking out to some of his favorite bands. Through interviews and social media posts over the years, Reynolds has revealed that he has a deep appreciation for rock music. Here are the top 3 rock bands that Reynolds has stated are among his favorites:


The Australian hard rock legends AC/DC are arguably Reynolds’s all-time favorite band. He has spoken glowingly about Angus Young and company in numerous interviews over the past decade. Some key things Reynolds has said about AC/DC:

In a 2011 interview with Esquire, Reynolds called AC/DC “the greatest rock band of all time.” When asked why, he responded “Because they’re the greatest rock band of all time. They’re just the essence of rock and roll. There’s no pretense, no baloney.”

During a Reddit AMA in 2015, when asked what band he would most like to see in concert, Reynolds emphatically answered “AC/DC, obviously.”

While promoting Deadpool in 2016, Reynolds told Rolling Stone that the movie’s soundtrack was inspired by AC/DC. He said “AC/DC was a big influence on the soundtrack. That was kind of the starting point, that raw, gritty rock sound.”

At the premiere of The Hitman’s Bodyguard in 2017, Reynolds wore an AC/DC concert t-shirt on the red carpet. When asked about his outfit choice by Entertainment Tonight, Reynolds said “I’m a huge AC/DC fan and I thought it was appropriate to pay homage to probably my favorite band of all time.”

On Instagram in 2020, Reynolds shared a throwback photo of himself as a teenager wearing an AC/DC shirt, captioning it “Same AC/DC shirt. Just a few more miles under the tires.”

Clearly, AC/DC’s no-frills brand of hard rocking anthems have resonated with Reynolds since his youth and remain a constant in his music collection. The actor appreciates how the band brings the essence of rock without pretense or filler. AC/DC’s timeless songs are the soundtrack to Reynolds’s life it seems.

Foo Fighters

While AC/DC may top Reynolds’s list, the Foo Fighters come in as a very close second favorite band. Like AC/DC, the Foos churn out arena-filling rock with heart and soul. Some evidence of Reynolds’s appreciation for Dave Grohl and company:

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018, Reynolds listed the Foo Fighters in his top 3 favorite bands along with AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.

On Twitter in 2015, Reynolds responded with heart emojis when Foo Fighters announced they were playing his hometown of Vancouver.

In a Reddit AMA that same year, when asked about meeting a celebrity he was starstruck by, Reynolds said “I met Dave Grohl after a Foo Fighters show in Vancouver once. Super nice guy. I was definitely a little star struck.”

At the premiere for The Croods in 2013, Reynolds wore a Foo Fighters t-shirt on the red carpet.

On Instagram in 2021, Reynolds shared photos from a Foo Fighters concert, captioning them “Foo Fighters forever” along with heart emojis.

Clearly Reynolds connects with the Foo Fighters’ high energy live shows and Grohl’s incredible talent and charisma as a frontman. The actor appreciates how the Foos channel the spirit of rock with anthemic songs and no-frills performances. Like AC/DC, the Foo Fighters seem to be a band Reynolds can always rely on to lift his spirits.

The Rolling Stones

Rounding out Reynolds’s top 3 favorite rock bands are the legendary British rockers The Rolling Stones. As one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time, it’s no surprise The Stones make Reynolds’s shortlist. Here’s what he’s said about Mick, Keith and company over the years:

During his 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show, Reynolds listed The Rolling Stones alongside AC/DC and Foo Fighters when asked his top 3 bands.

While promoting The Croods in 2013, Reynolds told MTV that The Rolling Stones were “massive influences” on him growing up.

On Twitter in 2021, Reynolds responded with heart emojis to a tweet celebrating The Rolling Stones’ 59th anniversary as a band.

During a Reddit AMA in 2015, when asked about seeing any legends in concert, Reynolds fondly recalled seeing The Rolling Stones on their Bridges To Babylon tour in 1997-98.

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Reynolds named The Rolling Stones song “Gimme Shelter” as one of his favorite songs of all time.

Clearly The Rolling Stones’ blend of blues, rock and roll has resonated with Reynolds since his childhood. Their iconic catalog and status as rock royalty is not lost on the actor. Even after nearly 60 years as a band, The Stones still have Reynolds’s admiration as pioneers who redefined rock music.

In Conclusion

Through his own words over the past decade, Ryan Reynolds has proven himself to be a serious rock fan with deep love and appreciation for the genres greatest artists. The raw power of AC/DC, the high energy performances of Foo Fighters, and the genre-defining legacy of The Rolling Stones all speak to Reynolds on a personal level.

For Reynolds, these three bands perfectly encapsulate what rock music is about – no-nonsense anthems, incredible musicianship and showmanship, and timeless songs that continue to excite loyal fans decades later. They provide the actor with catharsis and joy whether on movie sets or at their live shows.

Even with a busy career and family life, Reynolds continues to champion these bands on social media and interviews. Their music is woven into the fabric of his existence. While he may take on countless roles, Reynolds will likely always be a devoted rock fan at heart, with AC/DC, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones serving as his tried and true favorites. Their legacy and music speak to his soul in a profound and lifelong way.


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