May 18, 2024

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s bromance is the stuff of legend! Discover how these two stars lift each other up through thick and thin

For over a decade now, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have delighted fans with their playful on-screen and social media sparring. What started as friendly ribbing between co-stars has blossomed into one of the most entertaining Hollywood bromances in recent memory. While their exchanges are often characterized as a “feud,” those close to the pair say their dynamic is rooted in mutual respect and genuine care for one another. Let’s take a closer look at how their comedic rivalry began and evolved into the close friendship it is today.

The Origins of a Friendly Feud

It all started on the set of 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Jackman, who had been playing the clawed mutant Logan/Wolverine since 2000’s “X-Men,” was excited to take on his first solo film in the popular franchise. He had become close friends with his co-star Scarlett Johansson, who at the time was married to Reynolds. Seeing an opportunity for some playful teasing, Jackman targeted the newcomer Reynolds.

“I took the mickey out of [Ryan] a bit,” Jackman recalled in an interview. “I was like, ‘Who is this guy? He’s just some guy from Van Wilder.'” Reynolds took the ribbing in stride, and the two actors found they had an easy comedic rapport. They began trading friendly jabs and quips on set between takes.

This playful sparring continued after filming wrapped. In interviews promoting the film, Jackman and Reynolds would poke fun at one another’s acting abilities, fashion choices, or most recent projects. Fans quickly picked up on their entertaining exchanges and dubbed it a “feud.” While the term implied hostility, those close to the pair said there was no real beef – just mutual enjoyment in pushing each other’s buttons in a good-natured way.

The banter became part of their public personas. In one interview, Jackman joked that Reynolds was so excited for the “Wolverine” role because “he needed the money.” Reynolds shot back that Jackman only took the role because “he was too old to play Peter Pan again.” Their witty barbs brought smiles to audiences and lightened the mood during press circuits. It also hinted at an easy camaraderie between the actors.

Mutual Respect Behind the Jabs

Beyond the friendly facade, Jackman and Reynolds developed real respect for one another’s talents and character. Jackman has praised Reynolds as a “grounded, generous, talented” person and called him a wonderful scene partner. He’s emphasized that their relationship is built on “mutual respect.”

Reynolds echoed similar sentiments, saying that Jackman is “one of the most sincere, nicest people I know” and “an incredibly talented actor.” He’s also expressed admiration for Jackman’s dedication to his craft, recalling how Jackman would spend hours in the makeup chair to transform into Wolverine.

Other Hollywood figures who have worked with both men, like director Shawn Levy, agree their bond is rooted in genuine friendship. Levy, who directed Reynolds in “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project,” called them “two of the best, most charming, kindest people” in the industry. He says their public sparring stems from being “good kind men” who enjoy each other’s company.

It’s clear their on-screen chemistry in “Wolverine” blossomed into real camaraderie off camera as well. While they poke fun, it comes from a place of affection rather than malice. The actors have each other’s backs and offer support behind closed doors too.

Supportive Friends Through Life’s Ups and Downs

Beyond sharing laughs, Jackman and Reynolds have proven their friendship runs deep by being present for some of each other’s biggest life moments. When Blake Lively gave birth to her and Reynolds’ first daughter in 2014, Jackman was one of the first people to visit them in the hospital to offer congratulations and support.

Likewise, when Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness underwent major surgery in 2018, Reynolds took to social media to send his friend well-wishes. “Sending huge love to Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman during this time,” Reynolds wrote. “Your strength is inspiring.”

The pair have also proven business allies. In 2021, Reynolds’ Aviation Gin company partnered with Jackman’s coffee brand, Laughing Man, for a limited-edition holiday package. Their playful commercial for the collaboration showed how far their “feud” had come – from on-set ribbing to full-fledged business ventures together.

Their bond has also brought them back together on screen. In 2016, they reunited for the comedy “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and reprised their roles again in 2017’s “Logan.” Off-screen, they’ve supported each other’s film projects like “Deadpool” and “The Greatest Showman.”

Through it all, their bromance has remained a comedic delight for audiences. Whether poking fun at one another on talk shows or roasting each other on social media, fans can’t get enough of their chemistry. It’s a testament to how their friendly competition masks a deep care and respect between two Hollywood powerhouses.

The Bromance Lives On

Over a decade since their origins on the “Wolverine” set, Reynolds and Jackman show no signs of slowing down in their entertaining feud. They continue to find creative ways to one-up each other online, keeping their banter feeling fresh. In recent years, their exchanges have escalated from friendly jabs to multi-post Twitter and Instagram “feuds.”

In one 2020 spat, Reynolds trolled Jackman with an unflattering throwback photo. Jackman got revenge by posting an even more embarrassing childhood shot of Reynolds. Their back-and-forth antics had fans in stitches. It’s clear the two relish these opportunities to creatively dunk on one another.

But through it all, their dynamic is rooted in the genuine bond and esteem they hold for one another. When Jackman bid farewell to the Wolverine character after 2017’s “Logan,” Reynolds paid tribute, writing “There was a time when you were my favorite actor. Now you’ll always be my favorite person.”

From co-stars to close confidantes, Reynolds and Jackman have crafted one of Hollywood’s most beloved and long-lasting bromances. Their playful rivalry brings continual laughs while showing the deep care between two friends. Over a decade in, their chemistry remains as entertaining as ever for audiences. It’s a relationship that proves friendly competition and genuine affection can beautifully co-exist.


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